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Speed Display

The GR48SL displays speed, symbols and text in amber. The GR48CL includes a three-colour display of red, yellow and green depending on the speed driven. The GR48FCL includes a full colour display. All models include data acquisition for evaluation.

A high resolution LED display with a character height of 45cm makes it possible to point out on excessive speed and dangers at distance.

As a new feature, the GR48 is equipped with remote data access for controlling the display from everywhere (no additional hardware necessary). As with all Radar Speed Displays, the Android App STerminal and the evaluation software GRS are included in the price.

View customisation options

Choice of messages or smilies to display

Data memory for over 200,000 vehicles

Time-dependent programming

Strict quality controls for every single display

Low power consumption

Customisation Options

Display Colour

Single colour: Amber (GR48SL)

Three colour: Red, Yellow & Green (GR48CL)

Full colour display: RGB (GR48FCL)

Text Options
  • As standard: Top – Your Speed | Bottom – km/h OR knots
  • Custom Text (XX characters): Custom text is possible, please contact us to discuss this further
Speed Limit Presets

We are happy to deliver your Speed Display with any of the below speed presets:

  • 10 km/h
  • 20 km/h
  • 30 km/h
  • 40 km/h
  • 50 km/h
  • 60 km/h
  • 70 km/h
  • 80 km/h


Standard Configuration
  • Display up to three different messages depending on the speed of passing vehicle.
  • Customise your messages with standard or bespoke images.
  • Configure your messages to suit the time of day, for example, within School Zone hours.
  • Understanding the information, download your data for in-depth analysis of the traffic behaviour (excluding GR33L model)

Power Supply Options


Cost-effective autonomous operation without mains connection. Power is supplied via a 21Ah battery, which is charged environmentally friendly by means of solar power.

Street Lighting

Enables autonomous operation. During the day, the power is supplied by battery, which is charged at night via the connection to the street lamp and the charger.

Mains Power

Enables autonomous operation. The requirement for this accessory variant is a direct connection to the power grid.


Enables use as mobile speed display. Power is supplied by two 21Am batteries.

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