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Keeping it safe in Cherry Tree Retirement Village


The Challenge

Speed limits in retirement villages are set very low to accommodate the needs of residents. However, speed limits of 20km/h are much lower than most people are used to and are regularly exceeded. At Cherry Tree Retirement Village our strategy was to enhance speed awareness and reinforce understanding of speed limits for residents, visitors and tradespersons.

The Solution

A number of portable radar speed display signs have been installed at various locations throughout the retirement village to increase speed awareness and compliance with speed limits. Signs are deployed for up to 2 weeks on a single battery charge and are moved around to different sites to ensure coverage across all areas in the retirement village.

The result

The results have been outstanding! Signs have changed driver behaviour in the village, with the vast majority adjusting their speed to our minimum acceptable level set at 20km/h. Drivers are actively seeking to achieve a ‘smiley face’ as a positive reinforcement of their reduced speeds. Moreover, a single battery charge lasts at least three weeks, ensuring a reliable and accurate service over an extended period.

“The result has been outstanding! We have been able to publish the results and change of behaviour in our monthly newsletter and they have been well received. We have a 20 kph speed limit and we have found that pretty much everyone coming into the Village adjust their speed to an acceptable level when confronted by their speed and most seek a ‘smiley face’.”

Brian Cooper, Facility Manager at Aveo