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Looking for a temporary solution? Our Rental Service may be ideal for you

Rental of radar speed displays provides an ideal short to medium-term road safety solution for many local government transport planners and engineers.

For some jurisdictions, grants from road safety stakeholders or transport agencies may not be used for capital expenditure, making sign rental ideal for road safety projects.

Unlike traditional traffic calming measures, Radar Speed Display signs can be moved from site to site with relative ease at just a fraction of the cost. Signs can be mounted on standard poles from 60-180mm in diameter, ideally around 3 to 3.5m in length.

The powerful data logging feature makes even short-term use of the signs a valuable tool for establishing speed statistics, identifying problem areas and objectively monitoring driver behaviour change.

Signs can be rented from 3 months to 12 months or more, depending on requirements, and can include services for installation, setup, data gathering and presentation as well as site relocation.

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