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Web-based always on Reporting Software, for accurate traffic data.

All of your data is at your fingertips with our always on web-based portal. The portal allows you to manage, control, and collect data from all of your signs in a easy to use, intuitive portal accessible from anywhere.

All your data at your fingertips

Whether you want to look at general statistics over a customised period, or use one of the many in-built charts to interpret your data, this feature rich component enables you to create speed profiles, look at speed percentiles and make comparisons over a period or time. Writing a report on the effectiveness of your signs? Copy the charts, or downloading of the data is also available.

Take Control

Take full control of your fleet of signs. You can organise your signs into groups and create templates for signs which which will all have the same settings. Whether individually, or as a template, you can set speed thresholds which display different messages, set time periods, and select what messages you want to display.

Maintenance made easier

Need to check your batteries are still optimal or want to check your sign has a good phone signal? The list view of all your signs enables you to quickly and easily check the health of your signs to ensure all is well. The mapping function also plots all of your signs, so you can determine where everything is in one.

Take a look at our real-time data reporting in action

These screenshots demonstrate some of the data you’ll be able to analyse and download using our real-time software.


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