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Griffith University – Road Safety on Campus


The Challenge

Nathan Campus is set in the Toohey Forest and hosts more than 13,000 students enrolled in a range of courses. Toohey Forest is also a conservation park, used as a koala protection release zone. The roads that navigate the campus are not only a hazard for road users but can also lead to koala strikes.

The Solution

Reducing the risk to both Griffith University road users and the koalas was the key objective. The campus runs two speed limits, a 40km/h between 7am – 7pm, and a 20km/h limit at all other times. Radar speed displays an ideal solution as they can be configured to adapt based on the time of day.    

Mother and baby koala in the trees

The result

The positive impact can be seen; over the period radar speed displays have been in use, Griffith University has seen a reduction of 40% in vehicles exceeding the speed limits. And, importantly, there have been zero koala strikes over that time.

The data collected by the radar speed displays has been very important. Not only does the data enable Griffith University to determine compliance with the speed limit, but it also helps them understand their road network usage – when the busy periods are and what general driver behaviour is. This enables Griffith to understand and better plan their maintenance activities. 

“Since using radar speed displays we’ve seen a reduction of 40% in vehicles exceeding the speed limits, making our campus community much safer.”

Stephen Pulley, Manager at Griffith University