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Radar Speed Displays to help you keep Australia’s roads safe.

From smaller scale to larger solutions and with a range of customisation options, our Radar Speed Displays range is second to none. Take a look at our range of products or contact us today to get your project started.

Why Radar Speed Displays?

Reduce Speed

The clear indication of the speed is effective for almost all drivers, calms traffic and sets a clear signal for road safety.

Get Attention

Welcomed by communities, Speed Displays draw attention to danger spots such as schools, pedestrian crossings, kindergartens and city limits.

Deliver Facts

The integrated, anonymous data collection provides facts about date, time and speed, that gives you information at your fingertips conveniently presented in diagram form.

Safety in technology

Speed Displays are proven to have a calming effect on drivers, reducing speeds and improving road safety for all users. Take a look at our Case Studies to understand how and why a Speed Display could be the ideal solution to your traffic calming project.

Traffic Counters for accurate reporting across your road network.

Keep track of the traffic using your roadways with our highly accurate vehicle traffic counter systems. Easy installation and in-depth analytics so you can stay one step ahead and have full visibility of your network.

Why Traffic Counters?

Highly Accurate

Get accurate, radar based results for traffic detection so you can report with confidence

Low Energy

Meet energy targets with our low energy devices

Different vehicle types

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Have a road safety project you’d like to talk about?

Whether you’re looking for a speed display for your retirement village or need a temporary solution for a civil construction project, we have the product for you. Contact us to chat through your requirements and discover how we can help you achieve your road safety goals.