Radar Speed Signs

Radar speed displays are ideally suited to a variety of situations where vehicles and pedestrians interact. The signs give motorists individual feedback of their speed and create a heightened sense of awareness needed around school zones, road work sites and shared zones.

Sierzega, a company based in Austria, has been making radar speed displays for over 20 years and has a wide selection of speed signs for every application and budget. Sierzega signs are sold and distributed in Australia by JENOPTIK Australia.


GR32The GR33 Classic is a matrix speed display that gives drivers clear feedback of their speed in numerical digits, text and simple bitmap images such as smilies. The front panel is available as either aluminium or ASA plastics enclosures and the LEDs can either be single or multi-colour to display different speed thresholds in different colours. All signs contain time scheduling functionality so are capable of displaying different messages at different times of day (e.g. for school zone times). Data recording and Bluetooth connectivity means you can communicate wirelessly with your sign and record vehicle speeds to evaluate the effectiveness of your speed reduction campaign.


Speedpacer 4568The Speedpacer 4568 is a dot matrix sign designed to show a motorist's speed and a text based message simultaneously, or a bitmap image. Featuring a powder coated aluminium enclosure and LED board measuring 45 x 68cm , the Speedpacer has all the flexibility of a variable message sign without the inherent bulk and cost. The Speedpacer can be ordered with multi-colour LEDs so you can set your sign to display speeds and messages in different colours. Data recording and bluetooth connectivity means you can communicate wirelessly with your sign and record vehicle speeds to evaluate the effectiveness of your speed reduction campaign.


Matrix 4545The Matrix 4545 is a Dot matrix sign capable of displaying a motorist’s speed, text based messages and bitmap images.  The fully featured sign gives users the functionality of a classical speed display, with the flexibility of a variable message sign (VMS) to highlight dangerous road conditions or general information about the local road network.  The Matrix 4545 contains the same CE certified radar speed indicator as all our other signs and can display speeds in LEDs up to 45cm high, well beyond the specified range of 90km/h.

The Matrix 4545 has maximum and minimum speed display cut-offs, as well as three colour speed threshold zones, all of which can be configured by the user.  Specifying different colours for separate speed thresholds gives motorists a clearer indication of what an appropriate speed might be for the road.  Within these threshold zones, the Matrix 4545 has the added flexibility of showing either the vehicle’s speed, a text based message, a bitmap image or a combination of all three.


Preschool Flashing LightsThe Flash is a basic flashing beacon that alerts drivers they are entering a school zone, road work zone or other high pedestrian area, similar to the RMS's School Zone Flashing Lights in NSW. The radar - located in the sign - spots vehicles and triggers a yellow flashing beacon which flashes depending on the speed of the driver.

The Flash is a cost-effective way to draw attention to your road safety black spot. The sign measures 115 x 85cm and when coupled with a custom designed front panel, demands attention from road users.